Website Design Tips

The design and layout of your website is important! If you don’t yet have a website, check out my website design services.

Here are some basic website design tips for you to consider prior to putting your site out there on the internet to generate traffic for your business.

The First Impression

For many online shoppers, you have one chance to grab their attention and turn them from being someone who is shopping around for a product or service, into someone who is willing to pay for YOUR product or service. That one chance could well be something that grabs their attention on your website.

The first impression can sometimes be the last one, especially in the online world. You’ll want to give your potential clients something that makes them want to stay on your website right from the get go. This can be achieved in many ways, such as a well thought out colour scheme, quality logo, high resolution images, image sliders, the list goes on.

Website Design Tips


website navigationAnother of my website design tips is that your website should be easy to navigate. Most of the visitors that arrive at your website will have typed a search term into Google (or one of those other search engines, I can’t remember their names!), then your website just happened to pop up in the search results and they click through to arrive at your site.

Boom!… give them what they want and make it easy for them to find (well structured menu, breadcrumb navigation etc.).

Content is King

Moving forward, in addition to a great looking website and quality navigation.. content is king! Provide your visitors with quality, easy to read content that describes in detail exactly what it is that you are offering.

Blocks of text should be broken up with informative sub-titles and related images, as people often skim through pages to find the parts they are most interested in.

Easy Contact

Now that you’ve got the attention of a potential customer and they have stayed on your website long enough to want to contact you.. make it easy for them to do so!

Contact Details

Your contact details should appear prominently throughout your website. Your phone number and email details should be easy to find on the home page and your contact page should display all forms of contact including a Google Map if applicable. Contact Me!

I hope that helps with some of the basic initial elements of putting a great website together. Stay tuned as I have plenty more in-depth website design tips that I will be sharing on this website in the near future.

Until then, take care!

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